How it all started.

On trout and

The good old fifties. Austria joins the Council of Europe, Grace Kelly flickers in black and white across TV screens and Bing Crosby crackles over the short-wave radio. People were called either Karl, Oskar, Ilse or Gertrud, and were proudly shaking away the cobwebs in the advancing reconstruction period, while they sat in their cocktail chairs and chatted about the „miracle of Bern“, the 3-2 victory over Hungary in the 1954 World Cup.

It is about halfway through this fine decade when one such Karl (an underwear manufacturer by trade, from Lustenau) sits fishing with his friend Oscar (a steel industrialist) in the forest near Bregenz. And as it is with fishing, they have plenty of time to chat. And as it is in Vorarlberg, they enjoy talking a lot about business. Then Consul Oscar Merz-Meyer suggests to his friend Dr. Karl Fulterer that he should quit his business, namely the „knickers business“ and devote himself to the (far more lucrative) steel industry.

Dr. Karl, who has a nose for business, immediately picks up the scent and, in addition to the three magnificent trout that he catches that day, he gets the feeling that he has landed a much juicier fish when in that same year he establishes his new company, and from then on produces drawer runners.